About Us

Posted on: Aug 18, 2017


The Vietnam Innovative Rural Industries Limited Company –VIRICO, has strived to promote better and greener products while adopting more advanced technological solutions for the development of Vietnam’s rural industries.

Understanding that Vietnam’s rural industries require a more innovative approach, VIRICO’s core values are based on creativity and innovation as part of its efforts to improve the quality, safety, effectiveness and sustainability as part of its efforts to become a leading socially-responsible company working for Vietnam’s rural industries.

VIRICO has experience and expertise in business promotion, developing markets and community development provided by the Vietnam Rural Industries Research and Development Institute (VIRI). VIRI’s Business Support Department provided staff for VIRICO while the majority of products promoted by VIRICO were inherited from VIRI’s support groups. Through the collaboration of VIRI and VIRICO, we can continue to provide market-support for production groups even after the conclusion of projects.

VIRICO’s main activities include:

  • The production and trade of safe products
  • Researching, developing and transferring technologies to rural industries
  • Providing consultancy services for the development of rural industries
  • Vocational training, job support for vulnerable groups
  • Providing services and solutions to climate change and promotion of clean energy
  • Trade promotion and event organising for rural industries


VIRICO’s innovative and green products, services and solutions have consistently provided sustainable foundations for Vietnamese rural industries and people’s lives


We strive to improve people’s lives through providing innovative and green products, to further the sustainable development of Vietnamese rural industries by providing technical solutions, while enabling disadvantaged people to improve their livelihoods and communities through the promotion of fair trade