Survey of Japanese enterprises on some agricultural models in Nghe An

Posted on: Jul 14, 2016

( – On July 8th, a delegation of JICA Tsukuba and Japanese enterprises made a field trip to survey some locations in districts such as Thanh Chuong , Quynh Luu, Dien Chau and Vinh city.

The delegation was also accompanied by representatives of the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development.

The delegation visited the area of tea raw material zone at Ngoc Lam commune, Thanh Chuong district

The delegation visited the tea raw material zone and studied the processing and production of products from tea and tea in Ngoc Lam Tea Production Factory located at Ngoc Lam commune, Thanh Chuong district.

With an area of approximately 450 hectares, this is the plantation of tea varieties like LDP1, LDP2, PH1 to serve the processing and production of Ngoc Lam Tea Factory

Leaders of Ngoc Lam Tea Factory introduce the processing and production cycle of tea products and tea

With 450 hectares of land for growing raw material and the daily output of 20-24 tons for each processing line, from tea varieties such as LDP1, LDP2 and PH1 the factory has exported its products to 16 markets in Europe, Asia, Middle East,… and thus creates 150 permanent jobs for the local workers.

A Japanese businessman carefully checks the quality of tea leaves from raw materials

...and assess the tea quality after drying

Next, the Japanese delegation visited the Export Pineapple Processing Factory of Nghe An Foods Joint Stock Company, a member of Nafoods Group located in Quynh Chau commune, Quynh Luu district.

Tiếp đó, đoàn tới thăm Nhà máy chế biến dứa xuất khẩu của Công ty cổ phần thực phẩm Nghệ An tại xã Quỳnh Châu, Quỳnh Lưu.

Next, the delegation visited the Export Pineapple Processing Factory of Nghe An Foods JSC in Quynh Chau commune, Quynh Luu district

Operating for 13 years and located in the former raw material zone of pineapple, but due to the fluctuations of the weather, market and the shortage of pineapple, the factory gradually moved to other key products: passion fruit and Gac fruit (Momordica cochinchinensis Spreng). The factory’s products are currently 100% for export and are now promoting to the domestic market.

Sight-seeing the collection of raw material in Nafoods Company

Nafoods’ factory has 130 permanent employees but in full harvest season it has hire more seasonal workers up to 500 people, sometimes. It is specialized in producing canned fruit products using technology from Germany and Italy. Its main markets are Europe, America…Currently the main difficulty of the factory is the shortage of raw materials and thus it can only operate periodically during the year. Therefore, leaders of the factory expect to receive support from JICA delegation in developing a stable raw material zone.

Members of the delegation tasting Nafoods’ frozen fruit for export to overseas markets

In recent years, due to the short supply of pineapples, Nafoods gradually has moved to passion fruit as a key product by using advanced technology to hit the market with concentrated juice products

In the afternoon of the same day, the delegation visited Sy Thang Private Enterprise which is specialized in manufacturing peanut and sesame products at Dien Thinh commune, Dien Chau district with the annual output of 2000 tons. Main markets of the enterprises are China, Thailand… and Sy Thang Private Enterprise can create jobs for about 40 seasonal workers.

The purchasing and processing establishment of Sy Thang Private Enterprise in Dien Thinh, Dien Chau specializing in peanut and sesame supply is the next stop in the survey trip of the delegation

The delegation also visited the Nghe An Agricultural Material Supply JSC – Established in 1960, the corporation has currently 500 employees and is specialized in the research, selection, production and sale of seeds, agricultural products (ginger, rice...), fertilizers, cassava flour, minerals...

Đoàn làm việc với lãnh đạo Tổng Công ty cổ phần vật tư nông nghiệp Nghệ An, bàn bạc khả năng hợp tác trong các lĩnh vực sản xuất hạt giống, hoa tươi, cây tỏi giống, thụ phấn cho cây kiwi,...

The delegation worked with leaders of Nghe An Agricultural Material Supply JSC to discuss the possibility of cooperation in the fields of producing seeds, fresh flowers, garlic seedlings, kiwi pollination…

At the destinations, Japanese enterprises studied the actual production and operation of enterprises in Nghe An, shared experiences and looked forward to the possibility of cooperation in order to fully exploit the advantages of each side and produce best products to serve the market’s needs./.

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