Posted on: Sep 30, 2015

The isolated locality that grows Ta Xua tea is so difficult to visit that we barely made it despite our rugged vehicles. We arrived in Ta Xuan on a sultry summer midday and were rewarded with breathtaking scenery and the warm breeze. An almost two kilometer walk lay in front of us to reach the houses of local tea artisans Thao Thi Dua and Mua A Pao. Ta Xua tea is pretty rare, with only some 100 tonnes per year produced in the commune.

Working with the local people’s committee, the VIRICO delegation learned about Shan Tuyet plantations in Ta Xua and the difficulties and challenges facing speciality tea cultivation in the area. The VIRICO delegation also worked with the chairman of the Thien Thinh Tea Co-operative on its operations and what obstacles it has faced and proposed that VIRICO could support the design of packaging and provide added value to the local tea products.

VIRICO’s local partner is the Thien Thinh Co-operative. The secretary and chairman of Ta Xua Commune People’s Committee were also willing to lend their support in order to help adopt and implement new technology and promote the Ta Xua Tea brand.