Dang Sam alcohol


Forest Ginseng is also known as Dang Sam, in Medicinal Herbs and Plants of Vietnam Prof. Loi recounts "Chinese medicine considers Dang Sam tohave similar qualities as ginseng with effects on diseases such as anaemia, yellow skin, lymphoma, inflamed adrenal glands, albumin in urine, sore feet, stomach problems, coughing, sputum issues and diuretic problems”.

Dang Sam alcohol:

- 100% natural Forest Ginseng sourced from Tay Giang Forest

- Alcohol is processed using traditional Tay Giangmethods

- Filtered to remove toxins and impurities


- GCN no. 2014/4338/TN 4/02 of centre KTTC ĐLCL 1

- GCN no. 28/GCNATTP of Quang Nam Department of Trade.

(Product is sponsored by Maltester International (Germany) andTay Giang district People's Committee with consultancy and technical support from VIRI)