Longan Honey



  • Improve health conditions, enhance body strength, great benefits for sore throat, respiratory diseases, tuberculosis, heart diseases, diabetes, stomach ulcers, colon diseases, asthenia…
  • Better health conditions for old people, young children, newly recovered patients, pregnant women and post-pregnancy women.
  • Use to keep skin moisture, smoothen and beautify facial skin.


  • Consume directly, mixed with ice cream, milk, on bread slice or mixed with tea, orange juice, lemon, alcohol…
  • Soak with whole boiled eggs, soak with lingzhi mushroom, ginseng, Nepal ginseng, tumeric powder, pollen.

Use in food processing, making cake, sweets, roast chicken, duck, pork. Honey is a natural sweetener full of vitamin and minerals so personal usage is up to consumer without any side effects