Ba Kich alcohol


Ba Kich is a traditional Vietnamese medicinal wine with a long folk history. In Medicinal Herbs and Plants in Vietnam by Prof. Do Tat Loi, he claims “Ba Kich has a spicy sweet taste, temperate to the body, with helps to maintain health, increase male virility, reinforce bones and tendons, and reduce rheumatism.”

Ba Kich alcohol

- 100% natural Ba Kich from Tay Giang forest

- Alcohol is produced based on traditional Tay Giangmethods

- Filtered to remove toxins and impurities


- GCN no. 2014/4338/TN 4/01 of centre KTTC ĐLCL 1

- GCN no. 28/GCNATTP of Quang Nam Department of Trade.

(Product is sponsored by Maltester International (Germany) andTay Giang district People's Committee with consultancy and technical support from VIRI)