• Improve health conditions, enhance body strength, great benefits for sore throat, respiratory diseases, tuberculosis, heart diseases, diabetes, stomach ulcers, colon diseases, asthenia…
  • Better health conditions for old people, young children, newly recovered patients, pregnant women and post-pregnancy women.
  • Use to keep skin moisture, smoothen and beautify facial skin.


  • Consume directly, mixed with ice cream, milk, on bread slice or mixed with tea, orange juice, lemon, alcohol…
  • Soak with whole boiled eggs, soak with lingzhi mushroom, ginseng, Nepal ginseng, tumeric powder, pollen.

Use in food processing, making cake, sweets, roast chicken, duck, pork. Honey is a natural sweetener full of vitamin and minerals so personal usage is up to consumer without any side effects

Code: M0N350


An Lac Commune, Son Dong District, in BacGiang Province is located in the buffer zone of Tay Yen Tu Nature Reserve. The area boasts over 500 species of plants, including medicinal plants such as Indian mulberry, Agarwood, Stephania, Hoa Dau, Sarsaparilla, allspice jasmine, yellowjessamine, Chain Fern, Boneknit Root, Bitter mint, Anise, Cinnamon and mu oil tree. Thanks to this natural bounty the area produces unique artisan honey.

An Lac Forest Honey has a typical pleasant aroma with natural light golden-yellow palette, left for a long time, it will crystallize into sugar.

The freshly harvested honey products have higher water content than 1-year honey, but when shaken tiny bubbles in the honey reveal their authenticity.


- TCCL: No. 2012/1503/TN4

Code: MOA300